Androne Group has been set up by Charles and Ann Foster over the last 25 years and has established a group of companies specialising in a variety of business sectors.

Charles has over 40 years experience in both power and sail boats, being an Offshore Yacht Master with commercial endorsement.  Having worked in boat sales, maintenance, charter and delivery sectors; this giving a true insight into how one can manage the maintenance and record the necessary data to enhance the value of your craft for resale.

Charles and Ann Foster currently own a 58’ Narrowboat so also have a few years experience in the inland waterways systems and boat ownership.

From our experience in the legal sector, we found a need for secure document management is increasingly important.

With the advent of cloud online storage facilities; one could see that a system as used by the legal profession could be adapted for use in the marine market.

Hence the development of online lifeline for the storage of manuals, service records, pictures and all ship’s important documentation.

Together with our partners Safe4 we have evolved a management system which is simple, secure and cost-effective