Online Lifeline is an internet based secure storage and communication system for your vessel.  

It provides a facility known as a vault to securely store all your equipment manuals, service schedules and maintenance records etc.  This can be easily updated by you or us on a regular basis.  The service is tailored to your individual requirements type of craft and usage. Fees are charged accordingly.

This allows you to have an up to date record of all your vital boat information and records from an ultra-secure internet connection to your vault from anywhere at anytime on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or specified on-board computer.

You can also benefit from secure communications with crew, boatyards or other support services.

The benefits of having an online lifeline vault are; having all your manuals, service records, maintenance history, crew lists, itineraries, logs and all other important boat information securely stored online and  easily accessible; set up alerts for maintenance; the vault and all or part of the vault content can be transferred to a new owner; resulting in a better management and resale value of your vessel.

Available to all types of craft in any location. The vault is tailored to individual requirements.

Security of your information is paramount – all information is stored on UK based servers that are fully compliant to UK privacy and security law and is secured by TLS (Transport Layer System) and is certified under the government Cyber Essentials scheme.